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Organization Overview

Seidman IPO is Grand Valley State University's student-run investment organization, which manages a real $60,000 portfolio. Members of the club participate in market research and investment selection, and host many professional speakers throughout the year. We have several annual trips (Chicago Board of Trade, University of Dayton, Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting) and social events that provide unparalleled investing insight and exclusive networking opportunities. For more information, please visit

Category Academic & Professional
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Academic & Professional


Turner Novak

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Financial Officer

Katie Belock

Risk Management Officer

Ryan Dombrowski

General Officer

Chris Timmerman


Eric Hoogstra


The purpose of this organization shall be to provide networking, learning, and career opportunities to those interested in Investing and Finance. These attributes shall be extensions of what is available in the classroom, and shall be sought in a fun and exciting way.

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Meeting Day
  • Thursday

6:00 PM


Grand Rapids

Meeting Room

DEV 138E

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