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Alcohol Request Form

If you have any questions, or would like assistance completing this form, please contact the Conferences & Events Office at: 503-725-2663, or via email:  


Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic Beverages


Alcohol:  Any beverage classified as an “Alcoholic Beverage” by Oregon law, Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 471.

Approved Server:  A business entity appropriately licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (“OLCC”) to provide Alcohol at events, operating in accordance with all applicable state, county and city laws and ordinances, and approved by the University to do so.

Special Event:  A University Event at which the service of Alcohol requires specific approval by the OLCC because alcohol will be available to the public, more the 500 persons are expected at the event, or for any other reason required by the OLCC.

University Event:  Any University-sponsored or –sanctioned event, whether on-campus or off-campus, including community-sponsored events held on University-owned or -controlled property.

VP-FADM:  The Vice President of Finance and Administration or his or her designee.


Any event that includes an alcoholic component is required to use the on-campus food service provider PSU Caters (Chartwells).

Alcohol Alternatives: A variety of non-alcoholic beverages must be offered and available at any University Event at which Alcohol is served. Such non-alcoholic beverages must be featured as prominently as the alcoholic beverages. The serving of alcohol must cease if non-alcoholic beverages are no longer available.

Compliance with Law and Policies: The serving of Alcohol at a University Event must conform to applicable state, county and city laws and regulations, as well as applicable University and Oregon University System rules, directive and policies. This requirement includes all regulations and directives of the OLCC.

End of University Event: The approved service of Alcohol at a university event must cease 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end time of the University Event.

Event Promotion: University Events may not be promoted in terms suggesting that a primary focus of the event is to consume Alcohol (e.g. "kegger", "all you can drink", "happy hour", "free drinks", etc.).

Locations: Alcohol at a University Event must be served and consumed within the area defined in the request for approval. Alcohol may not be served in outdoor spaces or at campus athletic events. The VP FADM may require that University Events with alcohol occur only in certain buildings or venues.

Serving Food: Food must be available at any University Event at which Alcohol is served. Such food must be available in quantities appropriate for the number of persons expected to be at the University Event. The serving of Alcohol must cease if food is no longer available. Events at which food is not available free of charge may not offer Alcohol free of charge.

Serving Size: Alcohol may not be served at a University Event in individual portions that exceed one-ounce of hard liquor, twelve ounces of beer, and six ounces of wine.

Storage of Alcohol: Alcohol for approved use at University Events (including donated alcohol) must be stored by an Approved Server. Alcohol arriving on campus must be delivered directly to an Approved Server, in coordination with PSU Caters. Alcohol may not be stored on campus by any other party. Alcohol remaining after a University Event will be handled and/or disposed of by the Approved Server and/or returned to the donor of the Alcohol the day after the event if such arrangements have been made with a donor.

Timeline: All requests for approval must be submitted to the Office of the VP FADM no less than 15 business days prior to the event. Individual departments may require additional approvals or impose additional restrictions on the serving of alcohol. If a department requires additional approvals, such approvals shall be obtained prior to submitting a request to the VP-FADM.

Additional Rules:

  • Alcohol is not allowed at dance/concert events, sporting events, or events where most of the guests are under 21 years of age.

  • Alcohol is only permitted at private events (i.e. invite only events) with less than 500 attendees, unless the group planning the event obtains additional OLCC approval and the event is approved by the VP-FADM.

  • ID check is required of anyone 30 years of age or younger at an event where alcohol is served.

  • Bar service at an event may last a maximum of six hours.

  • No PSU funds can be used in payment for alcohol service at events (Payments from Foundation accounts are allowed).

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