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Prism is an organization that supports safe spaces for students that identify as members of the LGBT+ community. We provide a comprehensive range of programming, education, information, and advocacy for students to participate in and learn from. We work to create and maintain an open, safe, and inclusive environment and eliminate homophobia and heterosexism at N.C. A&T so that everyone can gain equity in every respect and are included in all areas of our community.  Understanding these issues and how to provide appropriate support to the LGBT+ community is valuable to everyone.

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Prism is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, etc. (LGBTQ+) advocacy group. Feel free to join us at any one of our many meetings which will be held this academic year. Prism is used to represent the unity of the diverse and individual layers of the rainbow which is seen when you shine a bright light through a prism.


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Asia Hill

Advisor's Name

Be advised that all organizations are required to have a campus advisor. The advisor must be a FULLTIME FACULTY/STAFF person employed at NC A&T SU who has been removed from the university (or any other college or university) as a student for 5 years or more.

Gerald Spates

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Director of Multicultural Student Center

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Student Center room 367

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