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Organization Overview

We are sexual assault peer educators at Grand Valley State University who advocate for a safe campus free of sexual assault. We conduct educational programs for classes and various campus organizations, and host programs such as Take Back the Night and Rock Against Rape.

Category Service & Advocacy
Keywords Peer, Education, Service, Rape Prevention, Eyes, Sexual Assault Awareness, Rape Awareness, Sexual Assault Prevention, Presentation, Peer Education, Awareness, Wide, Open, Women, Service and Advocacy, Advocacy, Advocate, EWO, Support, Bystander Intervention, Consent, Consent is Sexy

Service & Advocacy


Zachary Wilson

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Financial Officer

Colleen Unsworth

Risk Management Officer

Carolyn Pidgeon

General Officer

Trevor Wuori


Theresa Rowland


The purpose of this organization is:
To educate students about the definitions of sexual harassment and assault by providing a forum for discussion. This includes issues of consent, coercion force, myths about rape, the relationship of alcohol/drugs to sexual assault and discussing the concept of “victim blaming”.
To teach students skills in helping someone who discloses a sexual assault
To educate students about the available resources for survivors of sexual assault on and off campus.
To provide campus-wide outreach to a variety of students, as well as faculty and staff on campus.
To include and not alienate males in the process of education and raising awareness about sexual assault, while highlighting men’s ability and responsibility to prevent violence against women.

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Meeting Day
  • Monday

9:00 PM



Meeting Room

Kirkhof Center 2266

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