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Here's the skinny: 

CEO provides an environment for students to launch new businesses. Don’t have a business, yet? No problem. At our meetings we will provide you with all the necessary resources, mentorship, and opportunities to develop an idea or take a pre-existing business to the next level. For more information, check out our website:

Our next meeting of the semester is January 9th, 2018  at 6PM! We will be meeting in 3001 Seidman College of Business! Feel free to bring guests, pizza and drinks will be provided. If you have any questions or difficulty, please feel free to contact club president Ben Parsell at / or via phone at (616) 916-9192. 

And the long:

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) is the premier entrepreneurship organization at GVSU. We focus on active goal setting and accountability to empower students and who are serious about building their personal human capital,

Don’t have an idea for a business yet? That’s okay! GVSU CEO Club has a collection of ideas submitted by one of our partners: Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI) in need of student teams to lead them. The SHI projects are in need of business, engineering, and artistic talents. Need experience before you can land your dream job or internship? Our chapter also runs a fully-operational business with positions varying from web design to finance. Already run a successful startup? Awesome! Become a mentor and share your lessons-learned with our new members, and exchange war stories with some of our seasoned vets. Meetings will be held every other week, and will focus on giving members the skills and experience necessary to succeed. 

Why is any of this important?

Entrepreneurship and new venture creation are the keys to a healthy economy. In today’s world, the next generation of the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds are developing ideas on university and college campuses, and this is where CEO comes in. We will help you learn the ropes, gain real-world experience, build your resume, and gain lasting relationships within in the business community.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) is the premier entrepreneurship organization at GVSU. We focus on active goal setting and accountability to empower students who are serious about building their personal human capital and taking their business to the next level. We are open to all undergraduate and graduate students of any major.


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The mission of CEO is to cultivate an attitude of entrepreneurism and innovation among college students by encouraging creativity, and offering unsurpassed opportunities for mentorship, networking, funding, and support.

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  • Tuesday

6:00 PM

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SCB 3001

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