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Hungry to Make Change?

Be Part of the Solution!

Join us in volunteering at local Grand Rapids organizations including:

Kids Food Basket

Guiding Light

Dégagé Ministries 

Feeding America


Family Promise

Mel Trotter

In The Image and more!

Portal Information


We are a service and advocacy group that works weekly at different homeless shelters, food pantries and soup kitchens. Our goal is to improve the lives of others, change our community for the better and to also become more informed about the issues of Hunger and Homelessness. Education is a key step in resolving an issue.


Service & Advocacy


Service & Advocacy

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We, the members of Hunger and Homelessness, strive to donate time and resources to the hungry and homeless while building awareness of their plight.

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Meeting Day
  • Wednesday

9:15 PM

Meeting Room

Cook Dewitt Auditorium on 9/13, Kirkhof Rm. 2259 on 10/18, & Kirkhof Rm. 2259 on 11/29