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Welcome to the Secular Student Alliance of Ferris State University!

We try to provide an environment where atheists, humanists, agnostics or just plain skeptics can share their beliefs and ideas in a positive manner.

Anyone with doubts or other ideals that may be away from the social "norm" is more than welcome to join.

Not sure what you believe? Come and ask us questions! 

Meetings are in University Center Room 211 Wednesday's @ 7pm !!!!


Join us on facebook! 

or check out the official organization @

This talks all about future meetings and events that the group is having! Hope to see you!



Portal Information


We are a group that promotes the discussion of beliefs and ideas that may be abnormal to favored religious cultures. As a group we promote an open, non-hostile position on communication with the campus to express how we feel as an organization. Anyone is welcome whether religious, atheist, agnostic, or unsure. We'd love you to join, come see what we're all about!


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  • Wednesday
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7:00 PM

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UCB 211

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These meetings are open, we want everyone to come and see what we are all about. We do have a policy that some meetings are closed and will be informed through Social Media. Open meetings are great times for people interested in the group to meet new members and officially join!


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Secular Student Alliance of Ferris State University is a unique cultural organization. Its purpose is three-fold:
•To establish a positive social environment at FSU for students who are non-theists, humanists, or skeptics
•To enrich FSU campus life by sponsoring educational events and fostering student dialog on matters or faith, science, and reason
•To engage FSU students on issues of national, international, and political importance regarding freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and secular education

Selection Process

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One must attend a minimum of ONE meeting per month, and attend at least TWO SSA-FSU sponsored events, and pay the Treasurer dues. The membership period is valid for the rest of that academic year.

Secular Student Alliance of Ferris State University events include but not limited to: tabling and debates

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We're a great group of people working together to give non-believers a chance to feel comfortable on campus while giving them a voice in the crowd. We are open to all types of people and try to create a group that everyone feels welcomed no matter what.

SSA-FSU welcomes everyone of any race, color, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, sex, age, height, weight, handicap, or gender identity.


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We always try to volunteer when ever we get a chance a great community makes a great campus!

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