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Welcome to Community Engagement, where we work hard as a team to shift passion into action and make meaning through reflection!

Community engagement is a type of public participation that involves people in problem-solving or decision-making processes. It is a multifaceted, ongoing process.

The MSU, Mankato Community Engagement Office (CEO) strives to connect the talents, passions, and volunteer efforts of our students and other members of the MSU, Mankato community with our greater-Mankato community agencies and organizations, which are in need of volunteers to assist them with the accomplishment of their mission and goals for helping community members in need of assistance. Our emphases are on upon social justice, building trust, outreach, connections between people and resources, the development of new leaders, and the integration of personal and professional goals.

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Many of our opportunities are limited to people who are members of the CEO portal, so be sure to 'join'. Keep in mind, we do reserve the right to remove portal members who are not good representatives of the CEO or MSU, Mankato. It's very disheartening when we hear from a service agency that a volunteer checked in but was on their cell phone the entire time, left in the middle of their shift without telling a leader, etc.  Please, be a good representative of the CEO and the University. If you sign up, show up and serve. If you cannot keep your commitment, contact the agency asap and explain or apologize. Make it up to them by helping to find a replacement: They are in the business of serving a community need, and if you don't show up to help, the need goes unmet.  Use the time in service as an opportunity to observe what is being done, who is doing it, and why the community problem is a problem, etc. Get to know other volunteers and engage in the work and mission behind it. We hope this is a rewarding experience for you.


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Shifting Passion Into Action. Making Meaning Through Reflection.


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