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Alcohol Use at a University Sponsored Event Request

Guidelines for legal alcohol usage at public and private student-sponsored social events, include the following:

  1. The event must be registered with with and approved by the VP of Student Services, or his/her designee, through this Form at least 14 days prior to the event; registrations will be approved in keeping with guidelines per the University’s alcohol license.
  2. The moderator of sponsoring organization or the sponsoring employee, or his/her designee, must attend the entire event and should not consume alcohol during the event.  The moderator and/or Security has the authority to terminate any function if University policies are not followed.
  3. The VP of Student Services, or his/her designee, must approve any advertising for events that may intend to include alcohol.  Advertising may not promote or depict over-consumption of alcohol or irresponsible drinking. Only responsible alcohol use is allowed on campus and at campus events.
  4. Security will be notified when submitting this form and will make the determination if an officer is required. A charge will be assessed for any Security personnel needed.  The officer(s) on duty can terminate the event if any University policies are not followed. 
  5. Any organization serving alcohol is responsible for maintaining the sobriety of its participants.  Access to alcohol must be limited to those of the legal drinking age of 21.  Professional bartenders WILL be required to serve alcohol, and be paid by the sponsoring organization. The university has used Rent A'Tender; Marilyn Wehrheim; 304-242-9800. 
  6. WV State Law prohibits the sale of alcohol without a license. Exceptions may be made by obtaining a permit for Special Fares and Festivals at a cost; contact the Director of Student Activities 30 days prior to the anticipated event for more information and to begin this process.
  7. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted only within the approved area designated for the event, by individuals 21 years of age or older. 
  8. At all events at which alcoholic beverages are served, the sponsoring group must provide (1) an equal amount of non–alcoholic beverages, and (2) an appropriate amount of food, especially low in salt, throughout the entire event.
  9. Alcohol raffles and drinking games are prohibited. 
  10. At all off-campus functions, the sponsoring organization will work with the host establishment to ensure the enforcement of legal obligations.  A statement to this effect must appear on the signed contract made between Wheeling Jesuit University and the host establishment.  
  11. All membership recruitment functions (e.g. campus organizations, Admissions, or Athletics) are required to be alcohol-free. 


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