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Organization Overview

The UAB Multicultural Council are comprised of a selected group of the University of Alabama at Birmingham community. They work to increase discussion, awareness and cooperation between multicultural organizations and student groups on campus, the University of Alabama at Birmingham student body as a whole, and the City of Birmingham

Category Cultural
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Organization Status


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The purpose of the UAB Multicultural Council is as follows:

1) To ensure that all students, regardless of specific social identities or backgrounds, are treated fairly and experience the same rights and privileges as those from majority populations.

2) To plan and execute educational and informative programs and activities intended to increase students' awareness, knowledge, attitudes and skills around the celebration of human differences.

3) To serve as an organized body of student advocates and allies committed to supporting the development of equitable and fair policies and procedures.

4) To foster the development or leadership and positive relationships between the UAB community members, student organizations, and the Birmingham community.

5) Form as the embodiment of the vision and desire to explore and to find the common bonds among different ethnic, cultural, and religions groups of UAB students and to increase power and social capital through collaboration.

Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

All students of UAB who possess a genuine interest and concern for supporting and developing a more inclusive culturally pluralistic campus environment and eligible for membership. Membership can be granted to any student who is in good standing with the university. The student must complete the application process and be approved by the Coordinator of Multicultural and Diversity Programs to be a member of the MC.

The council will comprise of a specific number of students determined by the Coordinator of Multicultural and Diversity Programs, each academic year. The council will have a membership that contains 12 Executive Board positions and general membership.

President's Name

Naishal Patel

President's Email Address
Advisor's Name

Raphael Richard

Advisor's Email Address

Your advisor will receive and email and must approve the registration or renewal before the Office of Student Life will approve it.

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