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Social Justice Mixer

Wednesday, Aug 31, 6 pm
Hill Student Center Pavilion

The Social Justice Mixer is a welcome back to campus event that showcases identity and cultural based student organizations and UAB programs. The Mixer is an opportunity for students from all backgrounds to engage in networking and develop positive cross cultural relationships and get to know different identity based organizations around campus. There will be food, music, prizes and fun!

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Spread the Word to End the Word

Monday, Mar 14, 11 am
Hill Student Center Performance Lounge

Using the "r-word" can be very harmful to individuals and their loved ones, and is one of the many ways abelism is present in everyday language. Let's talk about why. Sign the pledge to end the word!

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Multicultural Council International Bazaar

Wednesday, Jan 27, 11 am
Hill Student Center Ballroom (3rd floor)

Join the Multicultural Council for this year's International Bazaar, featuring various delicious cuisine, cultural performances, and informative exhibitions from the many diverse cultures represented here in Birmingham! This year, we will be featuring many of UAB's identity-based student organizations on campus- come check them out! 

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Multicultural & Diversity Film Series

Tuesday, Sep 29, 7 pm
Campbell Hall 405

We will be showing a film called, "I Exist." A documentary about how "Gay and Lesbian Middle Easterners who live in the United States must frequently combat the negative stereotypes revolving around both their sexuality and their race. This award-winning film features interviews with a variety of young men, women and their family members who share with viewers some of the experiences, joys and sorrows of this diverse community." 

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LGBTQ Kickoff Event

Monday, Oct 12, 11 am
The Green

Join Multicultural council on the green to celebrate LGBTQ history and heritage month. We will be handing out delicious doughnuts and sharing information about personal pronouns! 

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Multicultural & Diversity Film Series

Tuesday, Oct 13, 7 pm
Heritage Hall Room 106

We will be showing a 20 minute documentary, "When I'm Not Alone" following a Trans person with disabilities who is an advocate for himself and other people with disabilities. 

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Multicultural & Diversity Film Series

Wednesday, Sep 23, 7 pm
The New Freshman Residence Hall in the Cahaba Room

We will be showing the documentary "Love, Women and Flowers" about the hazardous labor conditions for the 90,000 women in the Colombian flower industry created to supply the US with carnations in every color. 

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Latin@ Hispanic Heritage Month

Tuesday, Sep 15, 11 am
UAB Commons

Join Multicultural Council on the commons for the Latin@/Hispanic Heritage month! We will be promoting a language campaign "Think Before You Speak," ending the use of the term Illegal Alien and replacing it with Undocumented Immigrant or Undocumented Citizen. 

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Poetic Justice

Thursday, Apr 2, 7 pm
Odess Theatre

If you know anyone who has a talent for poetry, let them know about this event! We need performers! The 2015 Poetic Justice Poetry Slam is almost here! GET EXCITED. We are very fortunate to have Sarah Kay as out guest MC and performer. It is not too late to sign up participate. If you are interested in participating, you must be able to attend the workshop of March 31st. Come out to Odess Theatre on April 2nd at 7:00 pm! WE NEED PERFORMERS, SO PLEASE SIGN UP! THERE ARE PRIZES. The link to...

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2014-2015 International Film Series

The purpose for an International Film Series is to engage, educate, and involve our students. Our goal is to promote multiculturalism, and hopefully broaden the cultural awareness of the students. The films should raise questions by reflecting on shifting social and cultural boundaries or challenging certain boundaries, but should also allow our viewers to reach their own conclusions. The films correspond with our history/heritage months. Listed below are our history/heritage movie...

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Holocaust Day of Remembrance

Wednesday, Apr 10, 6 pm
Heritage Hall 121

On April 10, at 6:30PM IN HERITAGE HALL 121, there will be a documentary in honor of the Holocaust remembrance told in the point of view of actual Holocaust survivors.

All day in the HUC LOBBY, there will be a Holocaust Historical Poster Exhibit!

This will be a life changing experience. Come out and join us as we pay respects.

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