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Welcome to the Rossum Rumblers Robotics, based on ASU Polytechnic Campus.

The Best Way to Get 'Plugged' in

  • Officially join the club from this site, at which point you'll begin receiving newsletters
  • Join us on Slack: (Talk about everything, and bring good memes)
  • Bookmark our website (updates will be posted here as well as here on SunDevilSync
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Interested in building? Hacking? Automating? Competing, or just plain having fun?

How about explosions? Fast R.C. Cars? Battle Bots? Autonomous navigation? Robotic Manipulator Design? AI Algorithm design? Electronics hacking? Welding, milling and machining?

The running joke is that we applied to be the mad scientists club out here at poly, but we figured that that wouldn't fly with administration so we became the Rossum Rumblers Robotics club and we are now the premier engineering club on campus. Not only does the school know about and approve of all of our mad scientist activities, they love us! Regardless of your major - we have a place for you and you will have a good time(not to mention learning some cool things and meeting awesome people from industry!)

We do everything from competing in Battlebots arena to model rocketry, autonomous vehicles to potato cannons, restoring and building CNC machines, to designing and printing circuit boards. Some of our current projects include(but are not limited to) Working on the SpaceX Hyperloop Project, Designing a Swarm Robotics platform for search and rescue, and designing an EEG controlled humanoid robot!

Many of our students go on to form successful businesses and the club is the perfect place to find a team to help make your dreams come true.

The club is entirely student led, student powered, and student driven. We encourage students and community members from all walks of life to feel welcome and participate in our club activities.

The club also has its own lab space with a plethora of useful tools and machines located between the tech building and the agribusiness building. This lab space is open to all club members who have completed the appropriate safety training.

Some machines we currently have:

Ultimaker 3d Printer
PrintrBot Play 3d Printer
Dyna Myte based 3 axis custom CNC Milling Machine
OtherMachine PCB Mill
Solder Reflow oven
Hot Air Rework station
Bolton 8x15 Lathe
Hobart Wire feed MIG/Fluxcore welder
Sherline 3 axis milling and engraving machine,
Mini Metal Melting Foundry
Evolution compound metal miter saw
Oxygen- Acetylene Welding/Cutting Torch
And many more...

Coming Soon:
Glow Forge Laser cutter(August 2016)
Metal Forge and anvil(July 2016)

The aim of the Rossum Rumblers is to grow our club both in knowledge and in members in order to build a community that uses project based learning to give our members the tools, contacts, support and encouragement they need to not only succeed but thrive both in academia and in industry through innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.



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Jerry Gintz


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