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 Welcome to LionLead!

The leadership development certificate program of Penn State Altoona.

Based on the Social Change Model of Leadership, this leadership develop program will enable students to develop their true leadership potential through interactive and engaging workshops. The workshops will work on building individual, group, and community values.

The Penn State Altoona Leadership Model:

With three levels of leadership development, you have the opportunity to design your own experience!
Level 1-

Individual Values: Consciousness of self, Congruence, Commitment
 Designed to help build individual values, sessions will focus on learning different types of leadership, what it means to be a leader on campus, and how to improve basic leadership skills.

Sessions Include:

  • Guide to get involved
  • Managing stress
  • Public speaking & Presentation Skills 
  • Leadership assessment 

Level 2-

Group Values: Collaboration, Common Purpose, Controversy with Civility

These workshops will focus on leadership within group settings such as clubs, organizations, classes or work situations.

Sessions Include:

  • Leadership Assessments 
  • Career Workshop
  • Etiquette and Networking 
  • OrgSync Training 

Level 3-

Community Values: Citizenship, Connection to Community

Workshops in this category will work to strengthen leadership skills on all three levels within the context of the community, and being an active, engaged, global citizen. 

Sessions Include:

  • Running a meeting
  • Teambuilding/Ice Breakers
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Talking about Leadership with Employers
  • Conversations with agents
  • Recruitment 101
  • OrgSync Utilization
  • Transition Training 
  • Budgeting and Finance 

Why Get Involved?

  • Learn what it means to be a leader
  • Learn new leadership skills
  • Learn how to apply your leadership skills to other aspects of your life
  • How to make your organization run more smoothly and efficiently
  • Opportunities for the Presidents and Vice Presidents from all campus organizations to meet and discuss issues and ideas from their organization
  • Career and Networking Skills
  • Meet other student leaders
  • No matter your major, employers and graduate schools will love it!
  • Strengthen your application for being an RA, SGA member, Orientation leader, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa (National Leadership Honor Society) and more!

Who is Eligible?

All full-time students can enroll, and the program can be completed within a year, although you can take as long as you would like.

Is it Complicated?

No! You design your own experience, so you can take as much time as you want! We’ll track how far along you are and keep you updated on what else you need.

How to Get Involved:

In order to get a certificate, you must first register to participate on OrgSync:
To receive a certificate from the program, you must attend at least two programs from each level, and submit a thoughtful reflection for each program to the Office of Student Life.


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Opportunities for development of leadership skills for students at Penn State Altoona.



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Danielle Fry

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