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Watch an Earthlings Screening, Get $5!

Wednesday, Apr 13, 6:30 pm
Kimmel Center for University Life, 60 Washington Square S, New York, NY 10012, United States, Room 912

Watch a screening of Earthlings, and we will give you $5. Not only will you walk away with knowledge about the inhumane treatment of animals, but also cash! 

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Intersectionality Panel: Social Justice and Animal Rights

Tuesday, Apr 5, 7 pm
kimmel center, room 802

What do gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, racial justice, food justice and more have to do with animal rights? How can we expand our activism beyond what we're used to? Come to Animal Welfare Collective's Panel to hear about and discuss intersectional activism. Dinner will start at 7:00pm and the panel starts at 7:20pm.  Our three panelists, Christopher Sebastian McJetters, Michelle Carrera and Raffaella Ciavatta are activists and fierce promoters of social justice and animal rights....

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Vegan Potluck with Columbia U, Pratt & BC!

Sunday, Feb 21, 1 pm
Kimmel 804

We will be mingling with many vegan friends from other university clubs in New York! Please fill out this form to attend because we've had over 550 people interested on Facebook but clearly the room won't fit everyone!

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Whalentine's Day Event!

Please join Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's New York City chapter for a fundraiser, on Sunday, Valentine's Day, to benefit Sea Shepherd's vital ocean conservation work. Enjoy sweet and savory treats to help defend whales, sharks, dolphins, seals, turtles, sea lions, tuna, and all marine wildlife. Please bring tupperware if you wish to take home any of the baked delights. Sea Shepherd volunteers will be on hand to update you on our current campaigns and explain...

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Community Food Festival

Wednesday, May 1, 7:30 pm
Kimmel 802

Oxfam NYU is organizing a global food fest Tuesday April 23 at 7:30 in Shorin 802 for Earth Week. This event is a great way to foster unlikely relationships between clubs on campus, interact with a large audience, and promote your club or an issue of your choosing. A love for food is something all peoples share, help share this experience with the rest of the NYU community and meet some new friends. Participation will entail: Providing a dish of your choice to...

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Veg/Animal-Rights Teach In

Thursday, Mar 28, 6:30 pm
Global Center for Academic & Spiritual Life Room 375

Come learn about vegetarianism, veganism, the difference or transition between the two, and animal rights. Among a few others, Katie Cantrell from the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition will present, and Jeff Sebo, Animal Studies Professor at NYU, will lead a closing discussion on ethics & food choices. Of course, we will have lots of delicious, free food from Blossom Du Jour and Babycakes. Please pass along the message and encourage people to come out...

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NYC's Veggie Pride Parade :D

Hey Friends :) 

Guess what is coming up on March 24th? The annual NYC Veggie Pride Parade! 

There will be free V-Spot food handed out at the Union Square meetup after the parade ends. I've been a few times, and it's fun to walk around and see wild vegans. 

Have fun!! 



Next Tuesday - Cool Lecture

This is not a CFNYU event, but I wonder if he'll mention what veganism can do for the planet..... ?


EDUCATING FOR SUSTAINABILITY - LECTURE SERIES Jonathan Foley--Can We Feed a Growing World and Still Sustain the Planet? Tuesday, February 26, 2013 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM Kimmel Center for University Life 60 Washington Square South Room 914 New York, NY Thank you for your RSVP to Jonathan Foley's lecture on "Can We...


From a Culture of Violence to A Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit

Friday, Feb 15, 7 pm
Kimmel 405

[The event has successfully been postponed to THIS FRIDAY] [BLOSSOM BAKERY COOKIES FOR ALL]

The NYU Value Creation Society-Buddhism in Action Campus  will be hosting an art exhibit on changing from a culture of violence to a culture of peace, addressing topics like peace and security.

Cruelty-Free NYU is co-hosting and catering the closing dialogue of this art exhibit with the NYU Value Creation-Society. The dialogue will take...

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1st Spring Semester Meeting

Tuesday, Feb 19, 6 pm
Kimmel 912

This will be a general meeting to discuss this semester's events, officer positions for next year, and the budget for next year. We can choose what events we want to do this semester, such as a veg teach-in, discussion about the transition between meat-eating to vegetarian to vegan (or anything in between), and talk about bringing some guest lecturers (can anyone say Brendan Brazier??) 

And... OF COURSE... we will be having the meeting catered....

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