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Welcome to the Sport Clubs Program at Texas Tech University! Sport Club Staff, Center for Campus Life Staff, and Recreational Sports Staff will utilize this page in order to submit necessary paperwork, and to stay up to date regarding events and other areas.Watch for updates and messages! Any specific questions or comments may be directed to Jared McCauley, Programs Director, at or by phone at 806-742-2945 or to our Sport Club Student Directors:

Hailee Adams, Student Director of Marketing,
Clubs: Wakeboard, M. Water Polo, M. Volleyball, Quidditch, Archery

Andrew Bobet, Student Director of Travel,
Clubs: Cycling,W. Water Polo, M. Soccer, ESports, Disc Golf

Reymundo Garcia, Student Director of Program Operations,
Clubs: W. Soccer, M. Lacrosse, Gymnastics, Roller Hockey, Triathlon, Fencing

Reagan Golucke, Student Director of Personnel & Leadership,
Clubs: Ultimate, Bowling, Climbing, Baseball, M. Rugby

Annie Matthews, Student Director of Events & Risk Management,   
Clubs: Women's Rugby, Ballroom Dancing, Tennis, Badminton, Trap & Skeet, League of Legends

Sara Shivers, Student Director of Growth & Development,
Clubs: Swim, Table Tennis, Paintball, Wrestling

Aaron Villa, Student Director of Fundraising and Community Service,
Clubs: Polo, Judo, W. Volleyball, MMA, W. Lacrosse

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Administration of the Texas Tech Sport Club Program.

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Jared McCauley

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Jared McCauley

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Jared McCauley

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