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Fall 2013 Clay R. Warren Risk Management Reatreat

Clay R. Warren

Memorial Risk Management Retreat

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Check in at 10:00AM

In accordance with the State of Texas (Senate Bill 1138 and House Bill No. 2639), all registered student organizations are required to attend training sessions on the topic of risk management as it relates to individuals, organization functions, and/or activities. Social fraternities and sororities are required to attend the Clay R. Warren Memorial Risk Management Retreat annually. The fall retreat is for Presidents, Risk Management officer, Social Officer, and New Member/Pledge/Neo Officer, others are welcome to attend.

Each chapter is required to send the officers in the fraternity or sorority that fulfill the duties of President, Risk Management officer, Social officer, and New Member/Pledge/Neo officer. If one of these individuals serves a dual role, it is acceptable to only send the one individual who is serving a dual role.

You may send other attendees as desired.



If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.