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Welcome to the League of Linguistics Students at NYU!

We are an All-University club devoted to including anyone with an interest in linguistics or language. We have general, weekly meetings where we seek to create a community for sharing ideas and knowledge and to dismantle the wall between professors and undergraduate students by providing a relaxed, casual space to interact. At these meetings we will have student- or professor-led discussions of any aspect of linguistics -- from phonetics to syntax, and from sociolinguistics to psycholinguistics, we discuss anything!


We meet every Tuesday at 6:00PM, room 104 at 10 Washington Pl. They're casual, with suggested general discussion topics to spark/further your linguistic interests! Special guests (professors, grad students, etc) and presentations (by students), as well as any changes in meeting time or location, will be announced beforehand on Facebook or through our mailing list.

If you wish to be added to the OrgSync email list for updates (instead of using Facebook), or if you have any general questions, please email,, or

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The NYU League of Linguistics Students (LOLS) is an informal space where students can gather and discuss, relish in, and connect over a shared interest in linguistics. We seek to create a community of undergraduate students that fosters the sharing of ideas and knowledge. LOLS provides a relaxed, casual space for professors, and students to engage and collaborate.

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The League of Linguistics Students at New York University (LOL or LOLS for short) is an informal, intimate space where students of linguistics can gather to discuss, relish in, and connect over our shared love of language. We seek to create a community of undergraduate students which fosters a sharing of ideas and knowledge, as well as homework tips for students in all the various departments that study language. LOL also tries to dismantle the walls between professors and undergraduates by providing a relaxed, casual space where we can all get to know each other. We feel it important to note that, despite our name, we are by no means a club exclusively for people in the linguistics department itself; anyone with a love for language is welcome. In fact, we pride ourselves on that each of us brings a new and unique perspective to the study of language.


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