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Welcome To the Student Government Association!

The members of Student Government are committed to ensuring that the 2016-2017 academic year is the best year ever for the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg! Within Student Government you may find opportunities to participate in both campus-wide and community events. The Student Government Association is eager to invite anyone with a desire to make an impact on our college experience to join our team.

The Student Government of the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg is modeled from the Federal Government of the United States of America comprising of three branches: the Judicial, the Executive, and the Legislative branches. For information on joining either of these branches please inquire in the Student Life Center (SLC) room 1500.

This is a place to post information, ask questions, and share thoughts on the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg Student Government. Feel free to share ideas, interests, or questions about our University. We are here to be the voice of the students, let yours be heard!
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Student Government is an elected body of students commited to serving and voicing the concerns and interests of the student body.


Student Governance

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5:00 PM

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United States

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Ziya Kardas

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Matthew Morrin

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