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Welcome to PILOT on OrgSync!  Whether you are a new or past member, we have a 2-step registration process:

1.  Select the "Join" button at the top of the page and join the PILOT portal on OrgSync (you must do this to be able to accrue credits).

2.  Fill out the registration form here: 

Already Registered?  Select the "feed" tab to find out the latest news.  Use the tabs at the top to find out about events, and view your credits in the Involvement section.

How PILOT works:

1.  Join the PILOT group and fill out the registration form.

2.  Print off a Passport from the "Files" section.

3.  Find workshops you want to attend in the Events section or on the Calendar.  

4.  Go to the workshop!  Remember to take your Passport and get it signed.

5.  Bring your Passport to the Center for Leadership Development (Student Union 280) periodically so that we can upload your credits.

6.  Become a Certified or Master level leader!

Questions?  E-mail


Certified Leader (8 credits):

Skill Building(3)  Leadership/Ethics(2)  Diversity(2)  Self Development(1)

Master Leader (16 credits):

Skill Building(+4, 7 total)  Leadership/Ethics(+2, 4 total)  Diversity(+1, 3 total)  Self Development(+1, 2 total)

Portal Information


PILOT provides participants non-academic credit for leadership training. Established in 1997, PILOT is the largest leadership program at UNC Charlotte, with over 2,500 student participants annually. Each semester, approximately 150 workshops are sponsored by the Center for Leadership Development in collaboration with many campus departments. PILOT is great for students who don't have the time for a group leadership experience, though many students in PILOT are also in our other leadership programs.

In the Fall 2016 academic semester, PILOT participants earned over 572 credit hours, and the organization sponsored approximately 204 workshops. Non-academic credits were awarded for participation in the programs, designated specifically to leadership training in the areas of: (1) Skill Building; (2) Leadership & Ethics; (3) Diversity; and (4) Self Development.

The PILOT program contributed to the hosting and recognizing of students in numerous banquets and academic programs; including: the 2016 Distinguished Leaders Ceremony, the 2017 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and the Spring 2017 Center for Leadership Development’s Banquet.





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