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Big Event Post Eval 2019

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As a result of volunteering, I have a better understanding of:

Leadership Development

(increasing one's ability to inspire a shared vision, act with integrity, and work collaboratively for positive change that benefits others)


(the pursuit of a rewarding quality of life and a healthy and safe community)

Social Responsibility

(the commitment to positively impact campus and community)

Developing Autonomy

(demonstrating a capacity for independent thinking, decision making, and self-governance)

Appreciating Diversity

(recognizing, valuing, and welcoming the identities of all individuals)

As a result of volunteering, I am more likely to engage in the following activities:

Leadership Development Programs
Diversity & Inclusion Programs
Student Life Programs
Social Responsibility Actions

As a result of this event, I have a better understanding of:

My Purpose
My Passion
Meaningful Success