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Native American Student & Community Center (NASCC) Reservation Request Form

(503) 725-9695,

The NASCC is available for rental 8 am - 9 pm. See NASCC Calendar for days available. 

Filling out the Reservation Request form does not confirm a reservation. Reservations are not confirmed until a confirmation email has been received from the NASCC Manager or Office Assistant. Only the NASCC Manager can Approve and Cancel reservations. Reservations are only confirmed and cancelled via email. Verbal confirmations or cancellations are not binding.

Reservation Charge: See the NASCC Fee Schedule for room rental and equipment prices. Visit NASCC online Calendar to view space availability. Room availability at time of request does not guarantee space will be available for your use. No holds for reservations, all reservations are first come first serve. 

Space Use: Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited; intoxicated individuals are not permitted in the NASCC. Alcohol is not permitted for any events. Please see NASCC codes of conduct

Reservation times: Required Setup fee, added to all events. The increment of time for reservations dependent on room. 

Niimipuutimt Room (110)  1 hr before and after
Mek Mek Ili?i, Kitchen (111)  1 hr before and after
Pii Nee Waus Room (150) 30 min before and after
Multnomah Room (170) 30 min before and after
Chief Joseph Room (180)  30 min before and after

1 hr before and after 

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be received in writing, i.e. via email to the NASCC Manager or Office Assistants, at least 72 hours prior to the event. Events canceled after the 72 hour deadline up until 24 hours before the event (even in the case of an emergency), will be charged 50% of the room rental.
Events that neither occur nor cancel prior to one day before event will be considered “no-shows” and will be charged 100% of the room rental. NASCC staff will allow a half hour grace period, before start of scheduled reservation time.
If staff is not contacted and the user is unable to arrive within 30 minutes of reservation time, the user will not be able to use the NASCC. In extreme emergency situations users may call NASCC staff for extended grace period.

No Show Policy, PSU Departments and External Users:
No Shows will be charged full rental value for the reserved space and equipment.

Misrepresentation Policy:
Space reserved by a group is reserved for that group only and specifically for the purpose of the event as requested. Groups may not sublet or give away their reserved space directly to another group or use their reserved space for an event other than that which was requested. If a confirmed event cannot be held, the event must be canceled as per the cancellation policy and any alternate event to be held in the space must be requested separately. Events that are scheduled but do not occur are subject to the cancellation policy and its penalties. Events that are misrepresented or that are being advertised for different purposes than were requested may be canceled by NASCC Staff.

Food/Catering:  All catering arrangements are the responsibility of renter.  PSU Chartwell catering will provide a separate invoice from NASCC. Outside catering and Chartwell catering is permitted. Please know we do not have a loading dock. Any need for parking, by your caterer,  will have to be arranged by you. Food waiver is required for all catering other than Chartwell. Food waiver is signed within this reservation request form. Oregon food handling card is required for any events using kitchen. 

Set Up:  All renters must clear all garbage, plates, cups, etc from the rooms. All student groups are required to help in setup and take down of events. All other groups renting the NASCC, setup and take down will be completed by NASCC staff. Only painters tape is allowed for hanging up items on walls. Any use of nails or damage will be referred to the University and charges may apply.

Decor/Furniture: Tribal Flags, Artwork, Sculptures in all room are Non Removable. Tribal flags are representative of PSU Student/Faculty/Staff Tribal Nations and should be regarded with as much respect as the American Flag. Please no tape, hanging of items, pulling of: Tribal flags, Artwork, and Sculptures. 

Storage: The NASCC does not allow any items to be left at the NASCC in rooms or at the front desk to be watched over, no exceptions. This includes overnight storage for multiple day events. If you leave anything at the NASCC it is at your own risk and the NASCC is not liable for personal items stolen or damaged. 


Room 110:  AV is available for rental such as microphones, projector and screen, etc. Please see fee schedule for a full list of items and prices. Room is equipped with surround sound in house speaker system.

Multnomah Room 170, Chief Joseph Room 180: Projector, Computer console, DVD, and VCR with surround sound included in the price of the room rental. 

Room 150, Computer Lab 160: 10 Station computer lab for community and student use. Room only available for rental outside of business hours M-F 9:00-5:00 pm. Odin password required for computer use. Community logins available.  See NASCC front desk, information and ID required for use. 

Internet: Free Wifi is available throughout the entire building. For guests without an ODIN account, use PSU guest Wifi, and follow the steps for use. 

Restrooms: The NASCC has gendered restrooms. We do have a map for All Gender restrooms on PSU campus. Please email if you have questions or need more assistance. Starbucks and Chipotle restaurant across the street also provide single stall options. 

Cultural Centers Collective Agreement:

PSU students are at the center of our work;
Community growth depends on the inclusion of every individual voice;
We respect others and ourselves;
Our goal is not to agree, but rather, to gain a deeper understanding;
No alcohol or drugs on the premises or in the body;
We do not tolerate hate speech, derogatory language/actions, or oppressive language/actions;
We reserve the right to refuse service.


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