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Matthew Dutcher
Oct 13, 2014

Honor Code For Finals

Oct 13, 2014 by Matthew Dutcher

The SBA and the Honor Council would like to provide a friendly reminder to students as they begin to prep for finals.  It has been a long time since most of us have read the Honor Code and many of us need a refresher.  For example, students should be aware that sharing/using an outline without the permission from the original creator is an Honor Code violation (Honor Code, Art. I  § 1(c)).  While this permission is implicit when a student loads an outline to the Outline Bank, it becomes particularly sticky when students forward outlines without express consent to do so.  Another violation is using your WestLaw or Lexis account at work.(Honor Code, Art. I  § 1(j)).   Further, a student who fails to report a violation also violates the Honor Code. (Honor Code, Art. I  § 1(p)). Please keep these in mind as finals approach.