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Organization Overview

Identity The Women’s Center at California University of Pennsylvania (CalU) is a collective voice for those who share a commitment to issues concerning women. The center provides advocacy, support, education, collaborations, leadership and empowerment for all women. Mission To create a CalU community that promotes and nurtures the contributions and experiences of women. Vision As a Women’s Center, our vision is to create a campus culture that values all women and their diverse identities and experiences so that each individual can flourish. The center actively seeks to create an environment in which all women achieve their full potential in education, career and personal life, professional development and personal empowerment. This begins with recognition of the diversity among women and the need for communication, learning, and equality among them. The Center has an activist orientation that is reflected in educational activities that both raise consciousness and engage participants in service. These activities are designed to enhance personal growth on gender issues and to advocate for institutional and societal change where inequity exists. Wherever possible, we seek opportunities to influence research through our community and campus collaborations. In relationship with the Women’s Studies Program, the Women's Center enhances the knowledge learned in the classroom by offering a practical, hands-on experience. The talents of our faculty in combination with the potential of our students offer great opportunities for future projects that will make a difference for women, locally and nationally. The Women's Center uniquely serves as a place of intersection for various organizations, departments, and individuals to come together on areas of mutual interest for women. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our current and future success. Core Values o Diversity: We value the unique diverse identities and promote communication and learning. o Equality: The Center believes that equitable situations for women will in turn improve the lives of all people. o Collaboration: Our success lies in our relationships with the campus, community, individuals, agencies and organizations; collaboration is at the core of our work. o Activism: We recognize that activism is a vital component to making positive change and will promote and engage in activities where appropriate. o Advocacy: It is our desire and our responsibility to advocate for women, educate about gender-related issues, and be a catalyst for change where needed. o Learning Community: We value our connection to the academic setting, our role as a form of pedagogy for Women Studies students and faculty, and research on women’s issues. o Coaching: We are committed to providing opportunities for mentoring for and among women; recognizing the critical nature of this type of knowledge sharing and relationship building for the success of women. o Celebrative: The Women’s Center strives to create a safe and celebrative space for women to explore, learn, and reach their maximum potential.

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Keywords women, empowerment, sexual assault, rape, vagina monologues, dating violence, violence, domestic violence, equal pay, body image, eating disorder, pregnant, parenting, STD, birth control, STI, condom, support,
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