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Thank you for visiting the OrgSync portal of the California University of Pennsylvania Student Government Association. For more detailed information, please visit our website.

Portal Information


Cal U's Student Congress is the official governing body for students. The forum establishes channels of communication between you and administrators and faculty and sponsors programs and activities to enrich campus life.

Student Government is part of the Student Association Inc. (SAI), the nonprofit corporation owned and operated by students of Cal U.

Along with serving the student body, SAI and Student Congress provide opportunities for students to develop new leadership and community service skills.



Meeting Day(s)
  • Monday
Meeting Time(s)

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate times for each day.

4:15 pm ET

Meeting Location

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate if a location for each day.

Natali Student Center Room 206/207

Administrator Use Only
President Name

Jonathan Hershey

Administrator Use Only
President Email Address
Administrator Use Only
Vice President Name

Mari Boyle

Administrator Use Only
Vice President Email Address
Administrator Use Only
Advisor Name

Melissa M. Dunn

Administrator Use Only
Advisor Email Address
Membership Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

All meetings of the Student Government Association are open to the general public, pursuant to state law and PASSHE Board of Governors policy.

To become a senator, a student must obtain fifty (50) signatures and email addresses from students of California University of Pennsylvania on a petition and complete an online form. The student must pay the student activity fee set by Student Association, Incorporated ("SAI"). Upon three-fifths majority approval of the Executive Board and no objection by the existing Senate membership, the student shall be named a senator. Please consult the Student Government website for the specific membership breakdown.

Executive Board members are elected by the student body each spring.

The president or a designated member of each allocated club or organization approved by the Student Senate of California University of Pennsylvania is automatically a member of the House of Representatives. Each organization president or a designee must attend each House of Representatives meeting, held on the first Thursday of every month during the academic semester.

Student Cabinet consists of selected senators, officers, and the Executive Board and is not open to general membership.