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Hello, and welcome to the Fencing Club!

We practice historical know, the cool swashbuckling stuff you see pirates, musketeers and knights do, except with an eye for martial truth and historical authenticity.  If that sounds a bit stuffy, it's not...we try and get a sword in your hand right away, and teach you the things you need to know to have fun and be safe.

Fencing is great for your health, for your critical thinking skills...and your resume.  If you join the fencing club you can add team work and leadership skills to your cv.

We look forward to showing you how to fence, fighting and hanging out with you.  Our practice space can change, so please keep in touch so we can be sure to keep you up to date!

By the way, when you come to practice, please remember to wear long pants, socks, closed toe shoes and wear or bring something with long sleeves.  Men need an athletic cup in order to fence, but can do drills until they are able to run out to Wal Mart.

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The Cal U Fencing Club is the place to learn how to fight with swords, bucklers, daggers...we study pre-1601 fencing, and is much closer to what you see in the movies than you would think.

In addition we will help you gain team work and leadership skills, improve your health, and give you a great place to meet new people. No equipment is required...everything but athletic cups are provided by the club. There is no fee, though we do fund raise so we can travel and attend awesome events.



Meeting Day(s)
  • Thursday
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7:00 pm

Meeting Location

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Membership Process

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None, all are welcome.