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There is only one party in Washington DC and throughout the country that is truly fighting for all Americans and that is the Democratic Party. Democrats fight for a strong economy and energy independence. We fight for the rights of all Americans, and we fight to ensure our military is properly funded and our service men and women are taken care of upon their return. Democrats have proven themselves worthy of governing and have shown that the middle class and average American are their priority, not corporations and not the top 1%. After the financial crisis in 2008, President Obama and the Democrats enacted the Dodd-Frank Act to put in place consumer protections and restrictions on banks to prevent another financial crash. Democrats lead the free world by example of what all democracies should be like. Democrats provide a voice to those whose voices are drowned out by the special interests and lobbyists who buy politicians. Democrats fight for quality education and fight to ensure that every American can go to college if they wish and not come out of college with crushing debt. Democrats fight to expand healthcare coverage to ensure that every person in this country can receive good quality healthcare without worrying about exorbitant costs Democrats expanded LGBT rights and enacted protections for transgender individuals. We are defenders of democracy. Our country is going through a divisive and critical time in our history, and Democrats are the way to right the ship and keep the country moving forward, rather than moving backward. And we believe that to win in the future, young people must speak up now. IF any of the above issues interest you, or you want to learn more, join college democrats and come to a meeting, hope to see you there!

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The College Democrats of America are the official youth branch of the Democratic National Committee. We are comprised of local and state chapters that are affiliates of the Democratic Party. We represent hundreds of thousands of current students and millions of young people across the country that work, volunteer, and support Democratic candidates and issues.



Meeting Day(s)
  • Friday
Meeting Time(s)

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate times for each day.

3:00 PM

Meeting Location

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate if a location for each day.

Manderino Library, 1st Floor by Vending Machines (Left Side)

Membership Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

Our club does not have selective membership and are always accepting and welcoming new members! However, while membership is not selective attending different trips and conferences are usually selective and are typically reserved for club members who have put in the most work with the organization.

Questions? Contact our President, Chris Lisle, at or our advisor, Dr. Keat Murray, at!