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Organization Overview

The Rainbow Alliance is a student run organization that exists to provide support and visibility for the LGBT*QIA community and it's allies at Cal U and beyond. Specifically we strive to: Provide understanding of the community to the public, demonstrate support of the community and its allies, develop an appreciation for the diversity of sexual orientations, increase awareness of discrimination and harassment towards the community, increase visibility of the community through social and educational events, provide a voice for the community in university affairs, to fund, organize, or travel to workshops and conferences related to the LGBTQA community. The Rainbow Alliance is dedicated to providing a safe zone and confidentiality for all members of the organization.

Category Multicultural
Keywords LGBT, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Safezone, LGBTQ, LGBTQIA, GLBT, GSA, Gay straight alliance, alliance, Trans, equality, multicultural, tolerance, drag, sexuality, activism, leadership, Allies, day of silence
Meeting Day(s)
  • Wednesday
Meeting Time(s)

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate times for each day.

5:30 pm

Meeting Location

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate if a location for each day.

Carter Hall Multipurpose Room (ground floor)

President Name

Travis Basinger

President Email Address
Vice President Name

Tanner Holt

Vice President Email Address
Advisor Name

Sheleta Webb

Advisor Email Address
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