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  Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society at Cal U

Nu OmicroChapter


Kappa Omicron Nu (KON) is a national honor society that represents specializations in the Human Sciences. Kappa Omicron Nu is committed to recognizing and encouraging individuals seeking a lifelong commitment to an exceptional standard of ethics and scholarship.  Kappa Omicron Nu consists of more than 142,000 members worldwide, has 96 active chapters, and 3 alumni chapters/clubs.  Kappa Omicron Nu has been a member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) since 1951 became founded in 1990 when two honor societies 1) Omicron Nu (1951) and 2) Nu Omicron Phi (1972) merged to become one national honor society known as KON. For an overview of Kappa Omicron Nu, please refer to the following website:

KON recognizes and encourages excellence in scholarship, research, and leadership development in the human sciences.  The men and women who qualify for membership in Kappa Omicron Nu have distinguished themselves with notable achievement.  To be eligible for membership an individual must have made a distinctive contribution to the profession, earned one or more degrees in the health sciences, maintained a minimum 3.5 GPA (undergraduate and graduate) and be ranked in the top 25% of their respective programs.  Membership into Kappa Omicron Nu recognizes the outstanding effort and dedication of such individuals.

The Nu Omicron chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu was established in the Spring of 2004 at California University of Pennsylvania.  The inaugural induction ceremony was held on April 20, 2005 to recognize the charter members of the organization and welcome new members into the chapter, including four undergraduates, eight graduate students, 12 faculty members, and 18 members from 2004.  We were honored to have President Angelo Armenti, Jr. and Dean Geraldine Jones speak on the importance of honor societies in the university.  Special guest Dr. Dorothy Mistifer, Executive Director of Kappa Omicron Nu, presided over the induction of new members and recognized the charter members.

Inductions occur annually in the spring semester.  For a review of all inductees since 2004, one may go to the Files from the toolbar above and find the KON Members Induction. Any student in the human sciences that meet the KON criterion and attend Cal U may contact the President or Adviser of Nu Omicron and complete an application (see applications in the Forms category above).  All applications will be reviewed in early January.   Eligible inductees will be notified by the President and will be invited to attend the spring induction ceremony via letter.  

All new members are encouraged to read the Kappa Omicron Nu Handbook and are expected to know the information of which it contains.  Here is a link to help you get started.

Kappa Omicron Nu Mission

The mission of Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society is empowered leaders who use an integrative approach to enhance quality of living through excellence in scholarship, leadership, and research.

Kappa Omicron Nu values recognition, reward, advancement, and strong affiliation networks.

These ends will enhance the ability of the organization and chapters to prepare scholars and researchers as leaders for the 21st century.

To accomplish this mission, Kappa Omicron Nu shall

Promote scholarship and encourage intellectual development, promote research and foster the spirit of inquiry, confer distinction for high achievement, promote leadership development, stimulate student and faculty dialogue, enrich the intellectual environment of higher education institutions, encourage high standards of practice and ethical behavior, and promote attitudes of professional responsibility for the public good.

Membership: Representing the Human Sciences, membership in Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society is available to majors in academic programs majors including (but not limited to) athletic training, design, education, exercise science, family and consumer sciences, financial planning, food science and human nutrition, gerontology, health sciences, hotel/restaurant management, human development, interior design and human environment, kinesiology, leadership, merchandising management, policy analysis and management, social work, textiles and apparel, and wellness.



Current Officers for 2016-17 Academic Year

President:  Megan Mathews

President Elect:   Bethany Carns

Vice President/Media Specialist:   Jana Barnhart

Treasurer:  Selena Fushimi-Karns

Secretary/Historian:  Alish Swalin

Dr. Joni Roh - Faculty Advisor

Dr. Carol M. Biddington - Faculty Co-Advisor

Mr. Jeffrey Giovannucci - University Research Committee Chair (URC)



Awards for our Members and Chapter

  1. Chapter Award of Excellence for 2008-09 *
  2. Chapter Award of Excellence for 2011-2012 *
  3. Dr. Joni L. Cramer Roh elected as the 2nd vice Chair for Kappa Omicron Nu January 2012-2014
  4. Featured Chapter for KON website March 2013
  5. Nicole (Nikki) Gaton was selected as the Member Spotlight on the KON website April 2013 
  6. Dr. Joni L. Cramer Roh nominated for the KON Outstanding Advisor Award (2013)
  7. Kaitlyn Sippel presentation award for the 2012 KON Conclave in East Lansing, MI
  8. Drew Slocum was selected as the Member Spotlight on the KON website January 2014
  9. Dr. Joni L. Cramer Roh elected as the vice Chair for Kappa Omicron Nu starting January 2014
  10. Catherine Bashioum was selected by her peers for the Nu Omicron Chapter Leadership Award (2013-14)
  11. Virginia Tinkey was selected by her peers for the Nu Omicron Chapter Community Service Award (2013-14)
  12. Drew Slocum was selected by his peers for the Nu Omicron Chapter Research Award (2013-14)
  13. Dr. Joni Lee Cramer Roh received the Adviser Award of Excellence at ScholarCon 2014
  14. Angelica Nunez served as Delegate for the Nu Omicron Chapter of KON at ScholarCon 2014
  15. Angelica Nunez received the PATS Cecilia Yost scholarship for 2014-15 school year.
  16. Dr. Joni L. Cramer Roh elected as Chair for Kappa Omicron Nu January 2015-2016
  17. Angelica Nunez was awarded the Nu Omicron Chapter Service/Leadership Award (2014-15)
  18. Tabitha Maurer was awarded the Nu Omicron Chapter Research Award (2014-15)
  19. Jeff Harman was awarded the Nu Omicron Chapter Scholarship Award (2014-15)
  20. Dillon Gorby was awarded the Nu Omicron Chapter Service/Leadership Award (2015/16) - tie
  21. Chelsey Meyers was awarded the Nu Omicron Chapter Service/Leadership Award (2015/16) - tie
  22. Kristin Lyons was awarded the Nu Omicron Chapter Research Award (2015/16)
  23. Dillon Gorby was selected as the Member Spotlight on the KON website 2016.

* Chapter Excellence awards are determined by a committee who reviews each chapter’s annual report which consists of the member’s involvement in leadership activities, community service activities, required programs to promote national awareness (such as H1N1, Antibullying, and Childhood Obesity), research, financial report, outcomes measures and chapter planning for future to name a few.


KON Publications in the URJHS

(Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences)


Kristen  Michelle Stash (Advisor: Dr. Joni Roh)  Volume 7, 2008:  The Psychological Aspects of Rehabilitation Adherence in Collegiate Athletes

Heather L. Orndorff (Advisors: Dr. Joni Roh & Dr. Rebecca Hess)  Volume 8, 2009:  Athletic Participation Limitations of the Down’s Syndrome Population

Guest Editor and Project Coordinator: Rebecca Hess, PhD (Volume 9) Selected Topics in Athletic Training

  1.  Courtney Footskulak (Advisor: Dr. Hess)  Volume 9, 2010?: The Importance of Female Athlete Triad Screenings in Athletic Training
  2. Greg Harrison (Advisor: Dr. Hess)  Volume 9, 2010: Efficacy and Validity of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
  3. Deirdre McFate (Advisor: Dr. Hess) Volume 9, 2010: The Role of Stretching in a Warm-Up
  4. Erica D. Carlyn Stuart (Advisor: Dr. Hess) Volume 9, 2010: The Roles of Kinesio Tape®
  5. Lesley Willis (Advisor: Dr. Hess) Volume 9, 2010: Accuracy and Reliability of Core Temperature – Measurement Tools in Identifying Heat-Related Illnesses in Athletes 

Guest Editor and Project Coordinator: Rebecca Hess, PhD Current and Potential Practices in Athletic Training

  1. Katie Ramsdell (Advisor: Dr. Hess) Volume 10, 2011: A Review of the McKenzie Method of Spinal Rehabilitation & Education
  2. Sean Rentler (Advisor: Dr. Hess) Volume 10, 2011: Effectiveness on Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Athletic Injuries
  3. Chris Parker (Advisor: Dr. Hess) Volume 10, 2011: Sport-related Concussions: Methods of Diagnosis, Current Assessment and Management Trends in AT, and the Role the ImPACT Testing.
  4. Meredith Decker (Advisor: Dr. Hess) Volume 10, 2011: Effects of Hydration on Athletic Performance.

Aimee N. Thompson (Advisors: Dr. C. Biddington & Dr. Roh) Volume 12, 2013: Athletes and Pulmonary Embolism

Kaitlyn Sippel ** (Advisor: Dr. Roh) Volume 12, 2013: Prevention and Treatment of Pediatric and Adolescent Overuse Injuries

  • ** Also presented at the 2012 KON Conclave in East Lansing (received $350 honorarium and travel expenses and received presentation award)

Kirstie Pistner (Adivisor: Dr. Hess) Volume 12, 2013: Treatment of Exercise Induced Rabdomyolysis

Drew Slocum (Advisor: Dr. Roh) Volume 13, 2014: The Effects of Kinesio Taping for Pain Management

Tabitha Maurer (Advisor: Dr. Roh) Volume 14, 2015: Depression and Associated Negative Stressors: The Collegiate Athlete and Non-Athlete

Tiffany Koenig & Dr. Joni L. Roh (Advisor: Dr. Roh) Volume 15 2016: Healing Wounds with Honey



Portal Information


The mission of Kappa Omicron Nu is empowered leaders who use an integrative approach to enhance quality of living through excellence in scholarship, leadership, and research.

Nu Omicron Chapter is one of the 96 active chapters that share the above mission. Each spring new members are inducted, officers are elected for the following year, and planning for the next year begins.


Honor Societies

Meeting Day(s)
  • Thursday
Meeting Time(s)

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate times for each day.

11:00 AM (First Thursday of each month)

Meeting Location

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate if a location for each day.

Hamer Hall (142)

President Name

Megan Mathews

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Jana Barnhart

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Joni Roh

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