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Organization Overview

The purpose of the Psychology Club is to provide students with experiences in psychology outside of their classroom education. We seek to expose students with professional experiences and give students the opportunity to contribute to the university community. Activities vary from year to year but generally include social events, guest lectures, conferences, movie nights, educational field trips, and a year-end picnic.

Category Academic/Departmental
Meeting Day(s)
  • Tuesday
Meeting Time(s)

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate times for each day.


Meeting Location

If you meet multiple times per week, please indicate if a location for each day.

Morgan 329

President Name

C.J. Reddington & Thomas Cowden

President Email Address
Vice President Name

Brittany Brandonburg

Vice President Email Address
Advisor Name

Dr. Regeth

Advisor Email Address
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Upcoming Events

Sorry, there is nothing coming up right now!