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Register for the 10th Annual

Diverse Students' Leadership Conference

March 23, 2015! 


To register for the conference go to


Check out our website or like Facebook page (smcdslc) for more information. 


Portal Information


DSLC is a one day event that is hosted by the Student Diversity Board at Saint Mary’s College. As part of our educational programming we will be hosting our 10th Annual conference March 23, 2015. DSLC is unique in that it is the largest completely student lead conference effort in the Midwest!




Upload a current copy of your constitution.

Statement of Purpose

Please limit to one paragraph.

The mission of this organization shall be:
To create awareness of diversity in order to educate, provide support, celebrate
differences within the Saint Mary’s College community by creating social events,
educational programming, and opportunities to initiate change through the perspective of the students.
The purpose of this organization shall be:
To unite the Saint Mary’s College community in celebration of the cultural diversity of every woman on campus.

Primary Contact (i.e. President or Chair)

The name and email address of your primary contact will be public and viewable in the profile for your organization.

This student must be a full time, currently registered student of Saint Mary's College.

Lucy Macfarlane

Position or Title

Vice-President SDB, DSLC Chair

Email Address of Primary Contact
Financial Officer

This student must be a full time, currently registered student of Saint Mary's College.

Courtney Lamar

Email Address of Financial Officer
Additional Contact

Sophia Schrage

Position or Title

Secretary SDB, Co-Chair DSLC

Email Address of Additional Contact

Upload a roster of your organization including the names and SMC ID numbers of each member. Each organization must have at least 5 members that are current, full-time students of Saint Mary's College.

Please also list the titles/positions of officers.

Advisor Name

Each organization must have a faculty or staff member from Saint Mary's College serve as the advisor to the organization.

*The advisor may not be a student, community member or faculty or staff member from another college or university.

Gloria Jenkins

Advisor School Title

Director of Multicultural Services

Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

Member of the DSLC planning commitee must be members of Student Diversity Board and applied for their position.

Email Address of Organization
Meeting Day


Meeting Time


Meeting Location

SGA office