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ASI Entity Leader Office Hours Form

Form Instructions

Each entity leader will complete the form below to confirm their regular office hours with their ASI supervisor. Each entity leader is also responsible for updating and maintaining their Outlook calendar and office door schedule with their confirmed office hours accordingly.

If there are permanent changes to your regular office hours, please re-submit this form to confirm your adjusted schedule with your ASI supervisor. For example, a new form must be submitted prior to the start of the fall semester and prior to the start of the spring semester and any other time that office hours are adjusted significantly throughout the year. 

Permanent schedule changes are to be submitted one week prior to the new schedule taking effect. This will allow 3-5 business days for response from your ASI Supervisor, and also time for any rescheduling that may need to be made regarding weekly 1:1 meetings.

Questions? Contact Bethany Banuelos, ASI Student Programs Coordinator at 805-437-3638 or

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