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What: The UVU Clubs Office is hosting a CLUBS BBQ!!

WHO: Those who are in club leadership positions and their advisors. 

When: Wednesday, September 7th from 6-8pm.

Where: SLWC Plaza (Located outside, in between the SLWC, LA and PE buildings. 


Good food Networking opportunities with other clubs Meet new people Receive info to help you get the most out of your club Meet your Club Ambassador Start off the new school year... Fill Out Form

Chi Alpha Service

Tuesday, Apr 26, 4:30 pm
SC213b for Apr 13th, SC206c for Apr 19 & 26th

Every Tuesday they will have a service for students to come learn, play games, sing songs, listen to a message, etc. 


Will you be attending?

Anime Club

Friday, Apr 8, 6 pm

They will be discussing and viewing different anime related events. 


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Movie Night (Chinese Club)

Friday, Apr 1, 7 pm
LA 007 and LA 023

They will watch two movies in two different rooms and have some food. 

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ACCUTAH Business Connection (African Club)

Tuesday, Apr 12, 6 pm
SC 213 A

This is an opportunity for business mindset students to get more information about the growing african economy and to be informed on ways to invest. 


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VoiceLine Auditions

Saturday, Apr 16, 6 pm
SC 213b for April 13 & 14, and SC 206g/h for the 16th

They will be holding auditions for next year and callbacks on Saturday. 

***NOTE: 6:00 PM-9:00 PM on April 13th and 14th and 10:00 Am to 2:00 PM on Saturday 

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Faith Dialogue

Thursday, Apr 7, 7 pm
SC 206 g/h

We will be hosting a faith dialogue with LDS and evangelical students. 

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Cultural Cans Weekly Meetings

Thursday, Apr 28, 6 pm
SL 101

Weekly meeting to plan murals, network and black book drawings

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French Film Comedy

Friday, Apr 8, 6 pm
CB 112

We will be watching a French Film Comedy

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Alpha Phi Sigma Induction Ceremony

Friday, Apr 1, 5:30 pm
Centre Stage

This event will be inducting students into APS. This event is open to friends and family. 

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American Revolution Concert & Fundraiser

Wednesday, Apr 13, 7 pm
Centre Stage

We have six small bands from Utah County that are coming to play songs that promote peace and justice to establish change. 

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PTK Induction Ceremony

Friday, Apr 1, 6 pm
SC 213 A/B

We will be holding an induction ceremony for all the new members.

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AMA Qualtrics Info Session

Wednesday, Mar 30, 12 pm
SC 206 G & H

Qualtrics will be hosting an information session and providing lunch to students who attend.

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SSA CALM Support Group

Tuesday, Apr 19, 7 pm
SC 206B

This is a support group for those who have left the LDS Church.

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CALM Support Group

Thursday, Apr 7, 7 pm
SC 206B

This is a support group for those who have left the LDS Church.

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SSA Calm Support Group - Mixed Faith

Thursday, Apr 14, 7 pm
SC 206A

A support group for couples who are of mixed faith. Focused on helping people in faith transitions, especially if the spouse has stayed in the original faith. 

Will you be attending?

Additional Funding Application

Funding Application to receive additional funding from UVU Clubs.  

Club must complete the following before submitting for Additional Funding

Attend 75% of ICC Meetings (3 out of the 4 held each semester. Please note that funds can be awarded prior to the completion of the 4th ICC Meeting, however if 75% of the meetings are not attended during the course of the entire semester the funds awarded will be retracted.)  Complete a Fundraiser before applying Complete a...

Free HIV Testing

Thursday, Mar 24, 8:30 am
SC 206G & 206H

Spectrum Club will be facilitating Free HIV Testing (courtesy of Centro Hispano)

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Study Smarter, Not Harder Educational Spotlight

Monday, Mar 21, 3 pm
LA 114W

Spectrum Club is hosting an Education Spotlight on how to Study Smarter, Not Harder.

Will you be attending?

Spectrum Club's Opening Social

Tuesday, Mar 8, 5 pm
SC 206A & B

Come to Spectrum's opening social and have some food, play some games, and enjoy some pleasant conversations!

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Asexuality Educational Spotlight

Monday, Mar 7, 3 pm
LA 114W

Spectrum Club is hosting an educational spotlight on Asexuality.

Will you be attending?

Kick Off Meeting UX/Product Design

Thursday, Feb 25, 4 pm
CS 518

Since we are a brand new club, we still need to have a kick-off meeting to discuss what we would like to accomplish in our future meetings. 

Will you be attending?

Roseman Dental School Visit

Thursday, Feb 25, 4 pm
SC 206 A

There will be a guest lecture from Roseman coming to talk to us. 

Will you be attending?

Botany Plant Sale

Wednesday, Apr 13, 10 am
Hall of Flags

Plants will be sold to the people passing through the hallway.

Will you be attending?
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