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Tyler Lee
Jun 6, 2013

Email Improvements Are Coming!

Jun 6, 2013 by Tyler Lee

Hey, everyone!

We'd like to let you know that tomorrow we are rolling out some updates relating to our email communications.

We know that a lot of your interaction with OrgSync doesn't always happen on the web; it happens in your inbox. You stay up to date through notifications. You communicate with organizations and other members. You are alerted when forms need your review. The list goes on and on. Our partner campuses send a lot of emails through OrgSync—about 4 million per month, actually.

Those emails haven't changed much over the years, but the software and devices we use to access them have. To address that, we've given our emails a nice fresh look. But the updates aren't purely aesthetic:

  • All emails are now responsive. This means that when you send a message via OrgSync, your message will look great for your recipients on every device they use, whether they're on their computer at home or their phone between classes.
  • Calls to action are clearer. Previously, you might have had to read closely to determine if you needed to take action. Now, you won't miss a thing.
  • The content in messages and alerts are more helpful.
  • User and organization photos are included to provide more context for a message.
  • Subject lines have been reworked to provide relevant information before you even open the email.
  • The disclaimer message we include in every email clearly states why you're getting a specific message, where it originated in OrgSync, or who sent the message.
  • The new user message has been updated to give new members a friendly welcome and encourage them to visit again soon.

We're excited to introduce these updates to extend OrgSync functionality to your inbox. Do you have any feedback on these changes or any other ideas for messaging? Email us at We'd love to chat with you!

Here's an example of a simple email before and after the change. As noted above we've made the call to action much clearer with a huge button. We've simplified the message being presented and tried to highlight what is actually relevant to you.



Have a great Friday!
Your OrgSync Development Team 


Clayton Burton

That's thrilling news Tyler! The barrier keeping our students from using OrgSync is related to email. Basically, no one goes to OrgSync just to see if there are messages there. So if someone new and optimistic about the system posts a message, no one ever sees or replies to it and then the new user figures (correctly) that no one else uses the system and gives up. I don't see anything in your message that indicates users can "subscribe" to one of the OrgSync groups, but I'm hoping that's part of this update or coming soon.