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Nicole Arthur
Aug 3, 2018

September To Do List for Allocated Clubs & Organizations

Aug 3, 2018 by Nicole Arthur

  • The first House of Representative Meeting will take place on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH at 11 AM in the VULCAN THEATER.  ALL allocated clubs are required to send a representative.  The representative MUST be on the Club/Organization Info. sheet on file at SAI.  Failure to send a verified representative will result in a 10% penalty.  Please remember to bring you Cal Card to swipe in. 

  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th the Club and Organization Fair will be held outside on third street with a rain location of inside the Convocation Center.  The Fair runs from 11am-12:30pm and all allocated clubs are required to attend or a 5% penalty is assessed.  Clubs must have a table set up with some sort of display by 10:45am.

  • Allocated clubs must complete their Redistribution Form prior to spending any allocated money. The form is available to complete with in OrgSync.