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Pam DelVerne
Oct 5, 2015

Your Activities Transcript, Explained

Oct 5, 2015 by Pam DelVerne

Did you know that every Cal U student has access to a list of all their out-of-classroom experiences and activities in the form of an official Cal U Activities Transcript? This free document can be requested for scholarship applications, for help when writing a resume, or to share with grad schools or potential employers. 

How to Find Your Activities Transcript

Your Activities Transcript is located in your profile, at the Involvement link. Click on your profile image, then click on Involvement in the black user drawer.

Once you have navigated to your personal Involvement page, you can view your current involvement entries, add new entries, review incomplete activities, request copies of your involvement report and more.

How to Manage Your Activities Transcript

If you are a member of a club, and you are on their roster on their OrgSync portal, your membership will automatically be added to your transcript. If your club isn't using OrgSync to its fullest potential, you may need to add your membership manually. You can do this by clicking on the green Add Involvement Entry button.

Pro tip: In OrgSync, green buttons are action buttons that create content.

You may be required to complete a survey or other form before you can receive credit for an activity. You can review them by clicking on Review Incomplete Activities in the orange Alert box.

Adding New Entries

You can add 3 types of entries manually:

  1. organization membership
  2. service participation
  3. event participation

They all require the same basic information: the organization/service partner, start and end dates, and reference name and email. Optional information is the reference's title/position/phone number, proof of participation, learning outcomes, and reflection.

Pro tip: Even though Proof of Participation isn't required, it's highly recommended that you upload a PDF of a thank-you email, certificate, or other proof so your entry can be approved in a timely manner.

How to Request a Copy of Your Activities Transcript

Official copies of your Activities Transcript are free of charge and can be requested whenever you need a copy. You can request a digital copy (which is delivered as a PDF to your Cal U email) or a paper copy (which is delivered via USPS to the address you enter when you make the request). Both official and unofficial copies can be generated at any time from the Reports page, which can be accessed by clicking on Reports in the left-side menu.

To request your Activities Transcript, go to the Reports page, then locate the Co-curricular Record section. For an official copy, click on Request Official Transcript. For an unofficial copy, click on Export PDF.

Pro tip: Don't request a copy of your transcript until ALL your pending entries are approved!

Pro tip: If you want to see your Learning Outcomes on your transcript, you need to export your Full Involvement History instead of the Co-Curricular Record.

For More Information

If you have additional questions about adding or changing entries on your Activities Transcript, contact Pam DelVerne at