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Organization Overview

SV Water Ski and Wakeboard team is a club sport at Saginaw Valley State University, Anyone of any skill level can join and compete, from beginner to advanced. The tournaments are in the fall of the beginning of the school year, and we compete in 3 events all around the midwest against teams like Michigan State, Grand Valley Western, Purdue, Ohio State, Ball State, Missouri, Wisconsin, and if we get to nationals we compete against the national ranked teams. Tournaments have 3 events Slalom Trick and Jump. Slalom Skiing consists of 6 buoys and we have to ski around the buoys and each time we make it we shorten the rope and make the speed faster until we fall or miss, trick can be performed on a wakeboard or trick ski and we do a set of surface tricks to air tricks, then jump is going over a 5 foot high 20 foot long ramp at anywhere from 20to34 mph.

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