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Organization Overview

The Furman Powerlifting team competes in the World Natural Powerlifting Federation, one of the largest drug-free federations in the world. Since 1997 the team has had great success individually and as a team. Individually the Furman powerlifting team has developed over 100 individual state champions in both men' and women's powerlifting events. Many of them have gone on to compete for National and World titles. To date 15 team members have won WNPF World titles in powerlifting events. As a team Furman has won 16 straight South Carolina state team titles, 8 US National Championships (Including the National Collegiate Championship in 2011 and 2013) and in 2007 Furman won the WNPF World Championship team title, defeating state-sponsored teams from Brazil, Canada, The Republic of Georgia, England and Estonia. The team is coached by Dr. Tony Caterisano, an Exercise Physiologist in the Health Sciences Dept. who has won 11 WNPF world titles himself since 1997. The club is open to all students who wish to learn how to power lift. Students can direct all inquiries to Dr. Caterisano.

Category Club Sports
Keywords Weight-lifting, Powerlifting, weight-training
Meeting Location

PAC weight training area

President Name

Josh Pilz

President's E-mail
Advisor Name

Dr. Tony Caterisano

Selection Process

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Only those with some prior weight lifting experience are eligible to compete.

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