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Organization Overview

The Wells Project exists to spread awareness about the water crisis around the world. We host events to raise awareness and to raise money for water wells. TWP provides college students to become engaged in the community, advocate for the Thirsty, as well as creating opportunities to share the true Living Water. We are a college-based organization powered by Living Water International.

Category Special Interest
Keywords ministry, non-profit, missions, community, 10 Days, clean water, service
Meeting Day

Wednesdays, 11:00am

Meeting Time

Executive meets weekly, members meet once a month except near major events

Meeting Location


President Name

Hayleigh Middleton

President Email
Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Dr. Steven L. Jones

Faculty/Staff Advisor Email Address

Each year, every group advisor must indicate his / her willingness to work with the organization as their official sponsor. Please enter your advisor's email so we can verify this.

Faculty/Staff Advisor School Title

Dr. Steven L. Jones

Organization Email (if applicable)
Local Website / URL
National Website / URL
Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

Students apply for membership. They fill out a simple form including contact info and why they are interested in the water crisis. Afterwards, they are Advocates for TWP.


If dues will be accepted, how much will they be and how often will they be collected?

Dues will be $15 and are collected once per academic school year

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