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SIAM Student Speaker - Control Theory: A Brief Introduction

Wednesday, Feb 1, 4 pm
SH 203

Joining SIAM in hosting Haocheng Li for a talk on the basics of Control Theory.

Abstract: Control system technology is a ubiquitous technology that shapes the modern world. From the cell phones to automobiles, legged robot to manufacturing plant, the technology gives us the ability to influence physical systems and perform the desired task. I will give a brief overview of the control science which is in almost every engineering systems. Three major techniques, the frequency domain...

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SIAM Student Speaker: Data Streams and Adaptive Estimation

Tuesday, Dec 13, 4 pm
SH 106

Join SIAM in hosting Josh Plasse from the Imperial College of London for a discussion of Data Streams and Adaptive Estimation.

Abstract: Data streams are potentially unending sequences of ordered observations that are subject to unknown temporal variation. The mining of these streams pose several challenging problems to the statistics and machine learning communities. This talk will introduce data streams and discuss why performing inference on them is a non-trivial task. We then...

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LaTeX Workshop - Crash Course

Thursday, Nov 3, 4 pm

Join SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) in a graduate and undergraduate-led crash course on LaTeX, a documentation preparation system that is popular in the publication of scientific papers. Those who attend can expect to learn about installation/setup, math environments, report formatting, Beamer (slides), and inserting graphics. This will be a great opportunity for those looking to add professionalism to their scientific papers or just looking for a new skill. Feel...

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Brown Student Talk - Modeling Transport of RNA Molecules in Frog Egg Cells

Thursday, Sep 22, 3 pm

Please join us on September 22, Thursday, for a graduate student talk from Brown University, Modeling Transport of RNA Molecules in Frog Egg Cells. Pizza will be served! 

Messenger RNA (mRNA) localization is essential for the development of the egg cell and embryo in the frog Xenopus laevis. This accumulation of RNA at the cell periphery is not well understood, but is thought to depend on diffusion, bidirectional movement and anchoring mechanisms. We test these proposed mechanisms...

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Limited spaces available

MATLAB Workshop

Friday, Sep 2, 3 pm

The WPI Chapter of SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) invites you to attend a MATLAB Workshop, this Friday, September 2, 3-5 pm in SH 003  to  make some cool fractal movies!

No experience needed. We will start with a brief explanation of the fractal and then straight to code. Everyone is welcome!

Question: Will there be free pizza and soda?

Answer:    Sorry, but it is in a computer lab. But we will have snicker bars at the end of the workshop :)

This event does not require an RSVP.

SIAM @WPI Research Talk: Zachary Grant (UMass Dartmouth)

Wednesday, Apr 15, 11 am
SH 306

SIAM @WPI Research Talk: Zachary Grant, UMass Dartmouth Wednesday, April 15 at 11:00 a.m. in SH 306 Coffee and light refreshments 10:45 in SH 108 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Explicit Strong Stability Preserving Time Stepping Schemes Zachary Grant High order strong stability preserving (SSP) time discretizations are advantageous for use with spatial discretizations with nonlinear stability properties for the solution of hyperbolic PDEs. The search...

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SIAM @WPI Coffee Hour: Angela Leo Kenyon (WPI '06, '08, LabCorp)

Monday, Apr 6, 2 pm
SH 203

Coffee hour with Angela Leo Kenyon, WPI alumna and current Senior Programmer Analyst at LabCorp. All interested parties are welcome to attend!

This event does not require an RSVP.

SIAM @WPI Research Talk: Angela Leo Kenyon (WPI '06, '08, LabCorp)

Monday, Apr 6, 11 am
SH 304

The Power of Mathematics within Molecular Diagnostic Patient Testing and DNA Sequencing: A Melting Pot of Biology, Programming, and Mathematics

Molecular diagnostic patient testing requires a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility. Although data generation is based on biological principles, testing requires an analysis component which is typically deeply tied to mathematics. Mathematical algorithms are designed to convert raw data into an interpretable result for the end user...

This event does not require an RSVP.

SIAM @WPI Research Talk: John McClain, University of New Hampshire

Thursday, Mar 26, 11 am
SH 202

Research Talk: First-Principles Computation of Low-Energy Electron Diffraction Spectra of 2D Materials. John McClain, University of New Hampshire

Coffee and light refreshments in SH 108 at 10:45 a.m., talk begins in SH 202 at 11 a.m.


Low-energy electron diffraction (LEED) is an experimental tool that measures the intensity of low-energy electrons back-diffracted from crystalline surfaces. By...

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SIAM @WPI First General Body Meeting

Wednesday, Feb 11, 4 pm
SL 104

SIAM @WPI will be holding its first General Body Meeting of C-term on Wednesday, February 11 from 4-5 in SL 104. If you are interested in applied or industrial mathematics, you are welcome to join us!

Talk with our officers about opportunities within SIAM @WPI and about the exciting activities we are planning for the rest of the spring--and, as always, enjoy free pizza!

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REU Panel

Thursday, Feb 12, 4 pm
SH 308

Undergraduate US citizens/nationals/permanent residents: now is the time to apply for the NSF's summer REU programs! (see: ) Need advice on applying or choosing a program? Come to our REU Panel on Thursday night, 4-5 p.m. in SH 308! You'll get to talk to panelists who've done REUs before. Coffee and light refreshments will be served.

NSF has REU programs in the following disciplines:

Astronomical Sciences Atmospheric and...

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SIAM @WPI Research Talk and Coffee Hour: Julia Baum (WPI '11, MIT Lincoln Labs)

Wednesday, Nov 19, 2 pm
Talk 2-3 in SH 203, Coffee 3-4 in SH 306

SIAM @WPI is happy to host its first Research Talk of the semester, 2-3 p.m. in SH 203, given by Julia Baum (WPI '11, currently at MIT Lincoln Labs). Her talk is entitled "Integer and Dynamic Programming in Aircraft Sequencing Optimization", and you will find the abstract below.

Coffee Hour to follow from 3-4 p.m. in SH 306.

The SIAM @WPI Coffee Hour is a time for students to participate in open discussion with an experienced mathematical scientist,...

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SIAM @WPI Coffee Hour: Gwen Spencer

Friday, Nov 7, 3 pm
SH 306

SIAM @WPI is happy to host Prof. Gwen Spencer of Smith College. Prof. Spencer's research is in the field of optimization and approximation algorithms, with a particular focus on stochastic optimization problems in graphs.

The SIAM @WPI Coffee Hour is a time for students to participate in open discussion with an experienced mathematical scientist, which means that Prof. Spencer will be there to talk informally with you and answer questions about her field of research, her...

This event does not require an RSVP.

SIAM @WPI: Graduate School Panel

Monday, Nov 3, 5 pm
SH 306

Thinking about applying to graduate school? Now is the time to get started! What better way to kick off application season than an open, honest question-and-answer session with panelists who have experience applying for and attending graduate school?! Get honest answers to questions like . . . 

Is grad school for me? How do I choose a school? How do I choose an adviser? When and how do I apply? What can I do to prepare for applying? To prepare for grad school in...
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SIAM @WPI: LaTeX Workshop Series

Wednesday, Nov 5, 5 pm
SH 003

Curious about LaTeX, the scientist's ideal typesetting language? Want to typeset a beautiful, professional-looking MQP report, scientific article, or presentation? Come to SIAM @WPI's annual LaTeX Workshop Series! Experienced LaTeX users on all platforms (Linux, Windows, OS X) will be there to guide you through installing and using LaTeX on your own computers, or on any of the campus machines where LaTeX is installed. These will be true workshops, not class-style lectures, so...

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SIAM @WPI: First General Body Meeting

Thursday, Oct 9, 4 pm
SL 104

Come to the first General Body meeting of SIAM @WPI, the WPI chapter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

We will discuss some of the events taking place both on the SIAM National level, and on the WPI level, and we will help get new members signed up. If you would like to get involved in the organization of our events or if you have some ideas for events of interest to students of applied or industrial math, please come to this meeting and speak up! We...

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SIAM Ice Cream Social

Friday, Oct 3, 11 am

All are welcome to join us for free ice cream, to get an idea of who SIAM is and what our plans for this year are!

Stop by after lunch and enjoy free ice cream with us (:

This event does not require an RSVP.