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Emerson's Fresh Start Program

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Friday, Apr 10, 2015
8:45 AM - 10:45 AM CDT
Emerson Preschool 1504 Louisville, Street StarkvilleMap Location

We are seeking on-going volunteers for Emerson Preschool's "Fresh Start" program. Fresh Start’s focus is to improve the nutritional health and well-being of young children attending Emerson Preschool. Emerson Preschool is open year-round, and the project is on-going. We are seeking volunteers who are available and interested in consistently working with Emerson preschool children (infants through five years of age) on garden and health related activities from 8:45am to 11 AM on Friday mornings.

Volunteers will lead Emerson Preschool Children in age-appropriate garden and health-related activities, in the garden or classroom (depending on the weather) around healthy eating, gardening, how plants grow, nurturing the garden, etc.; provide minimal, basic upkeep of the small Emerson School Garden (Emerson can teach the basics in case the volunteer does not have any gardening experience); and assist a team in the development of a Fresh Start Curriculum Guide for use by future volunteers, parents and teachers working with children.

For those interested in volunteering with the program, please email Lauren Crosby at

Volunteers NOTE:

This is an ongoing volunteer project. If you cannot come every Friday, we ask that you attend as many Friday's as possible. The more sessions volunteers participate in, the easier it is for the program. 

****Please Note: The Maroon Volunteer Center works hard to create a list of volunteer opportunities for the MSU community to participate in. These opportunities are in not sponsored, or conducted by the Maroon Volunteer Center, unless expressly specified as such, but by independent nonprofit or governmental entities who are responsible for the information and events provided. 

If you have a question about the opportunity, please contact the agency directly.****



Emily S Miller

Is this still going on? I am really needing some great volunteer hours and this seems awesome. Please let me know!

Shayla C Jefferson

Emily the program will resume on January 16, 2015.