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Organization Overview

Wright Rhythm Dance team was started in 2005 on Wright States campus. It is a on campus organization and has been growing fast over the years. The team has been under the leadership of Shanequa Gray since 2009, and has been transforming since. Wright Rhythm is a team of elite dancer that come from many different cities, heritages, and backgrounds but all specialize in one area DANCE!!! NO dance history is required just attitude and ambition!!! Try-outs for the team are every quarter and the number of dancers accepted varies!!

Category Recreational
Keywords DANCE
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Meeting Day

Mon, Tues,Wedn

Meeting Time


Meeting Location

Studio C

President's Name

Shanequa Gray

President's Email
Treasurer's Name

James Edwards-Kenion

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Advisor's Name

Marquita Manns

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Advisor's Wright State University Title

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

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