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Equity Playhouse Presents: 1L in Wonderland March 27th, 7p-9p Storer Auditorium

Alice, a 1L, needs to take her Property final, but she has to catch the White Rabbit exam proctor first. Follow Alice as she chases the White Rabbit through a series of fairy tales gone law school. Along the way, she'll encounter some of Miami Law's favorite professors, including Froomkin, Parker, Jones, Franks, Alfieri, Bascuas, Copeland, and more!

Tickets on sale now on the Bricks during lunch, as well as at the door. Admission is $5 for students, $10 for non-students. Ticket proceeds will be donated to Project Knucklehead and to Hilarity for Charity.

**Update: You can now donate online at and/or Provide proof of your donation to get your ticket to Equity Playhouse!**


Class of 2014

Alex Calle
Matt Kohen
Zach Ludens
Freddi Mack
Joseph Matthews
Megan Pearl
Denise Roberson
Abe Rubert-Schewel
Claire Rumler
Alyssa Williams
JC Zamora

Class of 2015

Karla Albite
Nejla Calvo
Trey Dahl
Luke Ford
Alyssa Hirji
Ali Ifthikar
Trinity Jordan
Ben Muschel
Sara Solano
Fernando Valle
Rafael Yaniz

Class of 2016

Patrick Rostock
Charlie Vercillo
Claire Wheeler

Welcome to Equity Playhouse!

The mission of Equity Playhouse is to help the law school community enjoy raucous laughter by putting on a live theater production a live theater production using song, dance, and skits to lampoon professors and life at the law school. Founded in 1960, Equity Playhouse become a longstanding tradition at UM and at it's height sold out to audiences of more than 500. It is the best outlet on campus for students to display their creativity and talents. Many law students can sing, act, and dance, but have little opportunity to do so. Equity Playhouse strives to display these talents and provide comic relief to the campus community when they need it most. All members of the law school community--including students, faculty, and staff--are welcome to join in the fun as both participants and appreciative audience members.

Equity Playhouse: the law school theater production by, for, and about law students.


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