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Organization Overview

The Military Law Society’s (MLS) goal is to help students involved in the military, interested in the military, and veterans. MLS acts as a guide for Miami law students interested in military law by creating a foundation for Miami law students who are interested in joining the military or learning more about military law, as well as Promoting military legal knowledge between members. Throughout the school year, MLS holds seminars and events on campus, and hosts JAG Officers, and other military and civilian personnel to discuss legal and defense issues. MLS is proud to create a community between military law students and Miami law students interested in military law, as well as to connect students with resources to jobs and internships in the military and government. Useful Resources: Air Force JAG Corps: Army JAG Corps: Coast Guard JAG: Navy JAG Corps: Marine Corps JAG:

Category Law-Legal Practice Area
Keywords Military, Military Law, Military Law Society, Marine, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, United States, U.S.
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Rob Klock

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Stephanie Hocke

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Brian Sattler

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Jason Jacobson

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Professor Alyssa Dragnich

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