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Organization Overview

The mission statement of the IALSA is simple. Gainful legal employment for all members within six months of graduation by expanding your professional toolbox. Features include Visiting Speakers with Included Lunch; IALSA Continuing Networking Workshop Series; Outline Bank Access for 1L, 2L, 3L; Class Scheduling Advice to Maximize GPA and/or your Educational Experience; Upper Classmen Mentor; “Beat the Test” 1L Exam Workshop; “Bar Exam Prep” Workshop; IALSA Happy Hour Prices and Freebies; Irish-American Law Students Association T-Shirt.

Category Law-Bar Organizations
President Name

Christopher Callahan

Vice President Name

James Lechter

Vice President Email
Treasurer Name

Christopher Callahan

Secretary Name

Sean Holas

Secretary Email
Additional Contact Name

Holly Keith - ICC Liason

Additional Contact Email
Advisor Name

Professor Mary Doyle

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