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HBU POPS is part of a statewide student organization dedicated to students who are interested in in the field of Optometry, Ophthalmology, and various aspects pertaining to vision.

Our club invites guest speakers such as Optometrists and Opthalmologisst leading the way in technology and politics, representatives from various optometry schools around the nation. We also invite HBU alumnus who have gotten into optometry school and would dedicate their time to speak about their experience.

POPS also participates in giving back to the community by participating in walks, health fairs, and other community service events. In addition with our community service, we collaborate with Prevent Blindness Texas by participating in vision screenings around the city to those in need.

In addition to our group’s volunteerism, we also collaborate with AED for social events as well as participate at the end of the year banquet. We also do fundraisers like bake sales to raise money for our club. Overall our club exposes awareness about blindness and without vision, we are blind to opportunity.



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