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Jessica L Johnson
Mar 22, 2013


Mar 22, 2013 by Jessica L Johnson

Started: 6:30 End: 7:02

Community Meeting- how do you feel? common goal?

Guest speakers- Charlie and Amerise

  • vote on orgsync

Gameday/craft day

  • this Saturday March 23
  • Setup at 2
  • starts at 3
  • Movie will be played
  • Any ideas for games or anything


  • Tag noodle, sharpie war(with white shirts)
  • Park at noon
  • we bring the fun they supply lunch


  • two on tuesday
  • T-shirts 11:30-1 $15 each, cash or credit card
  • Chili's 11:30-10:30 pm, just have to mention Tarleton Mentors
  • Stuffing mailboxes tomorrow 3/22/13
  • April 20th festival at the bandstand- more information to come, any game ideas text an officer

                  **Spread the word** 

Organization fair

  • 2 people needed
  • April 6th
  • Any that attends or plans to attend Tarleton will be there

5K run

  • For a Social work class
  • child abuse awareness
  • benefits the foster homes
  • Spread the word
  • April 20th Registration starts at 7 am
  • Guest speaker at 8
  • start at 9 at the bandstand

Officer elections

  • email Gabriel what position
  • attend SGA meetings
  • Historian- takes pictures and in charge of NMC
  • Treasure- deals with all the money
  • Risk management- takes care of us during events
  • Secretary- does minutes and attendance
  • Vice president- helps presidents
  • President- gets information from school to organization and runs the meetings