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Jessica L Johnson
Feb 8, 2013


Feb 8, 2013 by Jessica L Johnson

Started at: 6:30  Ended at: 7:20

Get to know other mentors in your house.

Community Meeting- Name, if you can be any movie movie star who would you be? Why?

Sanctuary- program that teaches kids how to overcome the trauma

  • For mentors to be campus they must know it by heart
  • Facebook quizzes to help you remember and learn it.

Safety plan-how you deal with with a situation when you get upset.

  • Kids use it to help them cool down, they must follow their safety plan.
  • Mentors must have it on them at all times. Also memorized

Seven Commitments

  1. Non-violence
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Social Learning
  4. Social Responsibility
  5. Shared Governance
  6. Open Communication
  7. Growth and Change

DRESS CODE: be careful what you wear, no tank tops, bottoms must be passed your fingertips, officers and house parents will send you home to change. You must wear your mentor shirt until you know three homes. Keep Piercings to the ears, spacers are fine. 


  • Talent show, March 23, 2013.. More information to come
  • Foster homes do an auction if you can help contact Lacy: 254-396-4391, February 23 is the last day to set up, guys are needed. The auction is March 2, 2013 at 9 am
  • Picnic day- Sunday April 7, 2013 at 12:30 its a Fun day
  • Team up to clean up 3-6, April 5th before Texan day, organizations needed, prizes, and team of 5 but can have multiple teams.


  • Shirt sell more information to come
  • Chili's more information to come

New Members Committee(NMC)

  • Need more people to join
  • Events pass through NMC
  • Ya'll help with ideas
  • Getting information out to mentors
  • Cindy is in charge of NMC

Raffles on foster home campus

  • $5 for big prizes
  • $1 for smaller prizes