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Jessica L Johnson
Jan 30, 2013


Jan 30, 2013 by Jessica L Johnson

Started at 6:30 pm, ended at 7 pm

  • New applications passed out.
  • Community meeting- name, what animal would you want to be? Why?
  • Introduced officers.
  • New Members Committee- Assigned to a Home, keep your mentors updated, help officers when needed, and make sure your mentors do their hours.
  • DRESS CODE- keep tattoos covered and piercings limited to the ears(spacers are fine).
  • House rules- you CAN NOT be alone with the opposite sex, be in a group.
  • Home 8 is in need of help, interested contact a officer.
  • Need volunteer hours? You can work in the office at foster homes.
  • Fundraisers- Chick-Fil-A, Chili's, Cici's, Chicken Express, Year book, if you have any ideas let an officer know.

**BE CAREFUL ABOUT EXPRESSING ISSUES!** talk to an officer or the New Member Committee person in charge of your home.