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PYNC Meetings

Tuesday, Dec 10, 10 pm

General Membership Meetings. 

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Girl Talk: The Open Diaries

Monday, Feb 18, 6 pm

Girl Talk: The Open Diaries will be a women's empowerment program. This program will consist of an ALL FEMALE audience and will tackle many sensitive issues with the three main topics being: education, relationships and self respect/reputation. Within these main topics we will tackle subtopics such as: rape, sex, abortion, abandonment, and many others. The program will consist of monologues, poems and personal accounts and to address to address common issues...

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PYNC Information Table

Tuesday, Jan 22, 4 pm
At the Table In front of the RFoc

Will hold a informational table about PYNC and to invite people to our official Meet & Greet in the wedge hall at 10pm

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Auditions to perform at Girl talk : The Open Diaries

Monday, Nov 12, 8 pm

This Audition is being held for those who would like to be apart of the program, "Girl talk : The Open Diaries, on Feb. 8, 2013 from 6-10. Girls will have the chance to perform their talents and  their life story through song, poems, spoken word, monologues and or any other talents or even experiences that they would like to showcase for the program.

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Breast Cancer Fundraiser Table

Wednesday, Oct 3, 9 am

We, PYNC, are selling Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets and Pins to promote Breast cancer Awareness month and also to raise money for our Breast Cancer walk on October 13, 2012 at Belle Isle

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RSO Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, Oct 10, 10 pm
Wedge Lounge

Looking for something to do on a Wednesday night? P.Y.N.C., a new RSO on campus, is hosting a scavenger hunt! Wednesday, October 10th at 10pm. P.Y.N.C. stands for Phenomenally Young Negotiating Change, and the organization was established to build relationships between young women of all cultures to service the community. The scavenger hunt is for teams of 4-6 people with a cost of $10 per team. Teams will be given both quotes and photos as clues and will then have...

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