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Wake up SVSU!

Monday, Jan 30, 4 pm
Alumni Lounge

This is an event to educate SVSU students and the Saginaw community on the political stand point of the President Elect and how this may or not effect us in the long run. 

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Black Lives Matter Forum

Tuesday, Oct 27, 6 pm
Malcolm Field Theater

This Community Forum will include a panel discussion and a visual presentation on the state of the Black Lives Matter movement. The panel will include community members, students and professors who will discuss the origins of Race as it is currently used in our social lexicon, how institutional racism is manifest in the lives of Blacks in America, and the state of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

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Amanda A Dunford updated the event Organization of black unity

t-shirt sale

Tuesday, Nov 20, 3:30 pm
market place

to sale t-shirts for OBU

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Hair show

Saturday, Feb 9, All Day
Malcolm field theatre
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Hair show meet and greet

Monday, Nov 5, 7 pm
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Game Night

Wednesday, Oct 17, 11 pm

Game night includes all your favorite childhood games. There will also be refreshments and music provided.

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If I knew then what I know now student panel

Wednesday, Sep 12, 9 pm
Rhea miller
Student panel
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Amanda A Dunford updated the event Hair show Meet and Greet