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Hello and welcome to the Home page of Hotelie Entrepreneurs!

Our mission is to spark the entrepreneurial spirit among Hotel School students. We strive to give students the tools to make big and intangible business ideas a tangible reality. We are an outlet for experimenting with and expressing your ideas. We will achieve this through bringing industry leading entrepreneurs and visionaries to discuss their experiences, as well as through workshops that will provide practical experience for developing business acumen.

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Hotelie Entrepreneurs helps students seek developmental opportunities in the hospitality industry and exercise their creativity to develop successful enterprises. Our mission is to instil the sprit of Entrepreneurship in each and every hotelie.


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Hotelie Entrepreneurs is the only Entrepreneurship organisation in the hotel school, which aims to help students come up with new business ventures and ideas and implement them.

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Katie Lee

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Anuraag Lamichhane

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Jane Yoon

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Charlotte Griffin

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Neil Tarallo